Public Blockchain Network Integration

The gushing of Blockchain Technology is reshaping all business processes around the globe. Blockchain Technology is taking the spotlight due to its streamlined business process. It is famous for its openness, immutability, and security. By building a distributed digital ledger with public Blockchain technology, transactions have been revealed through an accessible flow of activities, making them visible to the public.

ListChain deploys revolutionary blockchain technology with the aim of deploying powerful decentralized applications that lead to open, transparent and secure systems addressing the challenges of the functionality and security of your application.

As the word suggests, ' Public Blockchain ' is a blockchain that is open to the public. It ensures that ' Public Blockchains ' are designed for the open. Almost any entity can become part of the chain and start trading or mining in the block.

Our Blockchain Application Development Process

ListChain follows industry-specific standard practices to provide blockchain application development and DLT solutions that enhance security, increase efficiency, increase transparency, improve traceability, reduce costs and promote speedy transactions.

Requirement Analysis

Analyzing the business idea, criteria, use of cases and consequences such as protection and compliance.

Architecture and Conceptualization

Identifying the correct blockchain technology and on-chain and off-chain organizations to describe the application roadmap and architecture.

Application Design

Build an application flow diagram and create a smart contract to meet industry-specific business needs.


At ListChain we will do the deployment of the test and production environment program, and then going live.

Our Blockchain Development Platforms







Why Choose Us For Public Blockchain Technology

ListChain is at the top in terms of delivering the best blockchain technology services worldwide.

Flexible contracts

We respect your time and your money. As per your convenience, flexible meeting timelines, budget and other delivery expectations are offered. Our team of experts will first listen to your requirements and propose blockchain solutions.

Security Solutions

We take care to ensure that every stage of the ecosystem meets your standards to the fullest. Our security solutions will certainly have superior objectives to enhance your business.

Rapid Response

Our team of developers is always ready to respond to any requests that may emerge from our customer-end as per your business needs. We pledge to lead you in a timely manner in an effective private blockchain technology solution.

Certified Experts

All experts on our team are authentic and licensed with no false obligations to our customers. They can work efficiently as per the client's needs, and they can also help them implement comprehensive private blockchain development processes to achieve the goals.