Blockchain Permission based Solution for Land records

  • User Roles
  • Back-Office System
  • Enterprise System
  • Operator System
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • Consumer Application

The project

  • Developing a pure blockchain-based system for land records.
  • It should allow to record production data; and general public (including end-users and any other interested individual and organization) to track and inspect the relevant part of the data.
  • The system should be a pure blockchain based solution whereby the blockchain technology is used to deploy the database mechanism, the logic, the access mechanism, the control mechanism, the approval process and validating mechanism etc.
  • The system should be customisable, meaning that new land with different production procedures/ ingredients, should be supported. It should also support several production lines to work simultaneously.
  • The workers at various points on the production line should be able to input relevant data into the blockchain.
  • End user (and the general public) should be able to trace the data of the user and inspect the recorded data.


  • Private blockchain based on Ethereum.
  • Nodes set up (initially one for testing, once completed then set up 6-8 nodes for stage 1)
  • Configure server for backend, middleware and front-end webpage.
  • See pdf I sent for technical information.


  • Develop and deploy suitable middleware that enables the communication between front and back end.
  • To authenticate land registry, enable third party API.


  • Create a webpage that can display blockchain information to the end-users when they type in address.
  • Allow layered information (click to collapse or expand information sections), So end-users can choose to browse the level of information that is relevant or interesting to them.

User Panel:
  • Allow relevant manufacturing employees to input data into the blockchain.
  • Allow relevant users to input actual checking results against each pre-written quality standard and storing into the blockchain.
  • Allow users to sign and register signing into blockchain.
  • Allow users to input their names and job titles when signing and register into blockchain.
  • Generate time and date stamps and register in blockchain.
  • Allow users to easily find out the relevant smart contract to perform signing.
  • Smart contracts related to completed products are automatically removed from the wallet (but the data is still stored in blockchain for end-user to tracking through the webpage)
  • Alert relevant users that he has a smart contract need signing.
  • At singing, provide a commentary box should the user need to input additional information (additional information is registered in blockchain).
  • Allow user to upload video or photos to blockchain (or allow upload of video/photos’ stored addresses to blockchain)

Smart contract:
  • Build smart contracts.
  • A new smart contract for every new land of products.
  • Need SC template so our own system administrator can easily generate new SCs for new land.
  • Incorporate business logics: a user cannot sign a smart contract if the user in the previous property step has not signed.

  • We will initially test the system on 5 products with a view to expand the system to many more products. All products will have the same 5 step business steps. (On a rare occasion, some products do not need all five steps, we will deem that the missing step is automatically signed).
  • Train our system administrator to deploy a new smart contract.
  • Provide full source codes and detailed documentation.

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