Blockchain Solutions For Different Industries

Listchain works on industry-specific robust and innovative blockchain solutions to build a strong network which completes the next generation of the digital era, by bringing transparency and efficiency into an existing system, while addressing to security and privacy of the organization.

The solution of blockchain development is to provide a combination of experience in healthcare, education, banking, financial and software development that is used globally for the free financial system to be freely accessible via blockchain technology.

We offer excellent services with inventive blockchain technologies that can safeguard the industry's benefits through an automated system that works best to achieve operational advantages.

Blockchain In Industries

We offer viable business case strategies for different sets of industries from start-ups to well establish businesses around the globe.


Blockchain introduced the collection and use of electronic health records in healthcare facilities. Leveraging blockchain removes redundancy by allowing every medical practitioner secure access to patient records.

Real Estate

Blockchain helps real estate agents to set up more real-time analyses to improve their ability to detect fraud. This helps the customer to perform better data analysis with improved decision-making.


Our unique blockchain solutions have a set of strategies that resolves all the issues with the Education sector by eliminating fraudulent activities and implementing end-to-end paper-based records.

Industrial IoT

IoT collects massive amounts of data to inform new business decisions. Blockchain automates encryption and auditability. Together, they make data available, open and safe.

Media & Entertainment

We offer a huge amount of trust and assurance which is built up across Blockchain's decentralized, secure and immutable nature in the field of media and entertainment.

Government & Public Records

Blockchain application for Government can make people's data completely safe, stable, secured and accurate, manage the record easily which can also increase the trust factor.


By integrating Blockchain technology in agriculture, farmers can track everything from growth to the consumption of goods and much more.

Travel & hospitality

Blockchain technology in the hospitality/travel industry is eliminating third-party costs, and encouraging direct provider to consumer interaction with its application.


The blockchain technology will reduce fraud, increase operational efficiency, and ensure faster transactions for passengers and other stakeholders.

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