ICO Launch Services – Best ICO Solution Provider

White label turnkey ICO launchpad product already in operation for a number of months which successfully ran a number of ICO’s, a proven reliable product.

Application Features:

  • Creating dynamic smart contract with accepted currencies like BTC, ETH, and other Altcoins and FIAT
  • (USD & THB)
  • SAAS Architecture with multi-tenant functionality.
  • Configure Smart Contract.
  • Create/integrate Testnet and Mainnet environment to deploy contract.
  • Token Generation.
  • Bounty functionality.
  • Token Sale Website API integration for branding, Countdown, funding goals, Team, Roadmap etc.
  • KYC & AML API integration.
  • ICO Admin Account & Dashboards.
  • ICO Admin Analytics.
  • Token Sale Set up
  • ICO Set up from platform Admin Panel (Management Module)
  • Payment module for online payment.
  • Project setup and control panel.
  • Platform Admin Panel for analytics.
  • User Sign up and Account.
  • Investor dashboard.
  • Referral Program.
  • Buy Token
  • Fund Transfer
  • Token Distribution.
  • Manual refund initiation from ICO Admin Panel.
  • White level API.
  • UX Design & HTML Authoring.
  • ICO Domain pointing to new DNS/IP
  • Server Setup

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