Hybrid Blockchain combining the advantages of two blockchains has been established. Quorum and XDC, which are Ethereum based distributed protocols, show the possibility of ensuring scalability and processing speed close to the Private Blockchain and at the same time catching transparency and the security of the Public Blockchain.

However, one Singapore-based non-profit called XinFin developed a new hybrid blockchain XDC/XDCe to solve this problem. XinFin’s hybrid blockchain makes it possible for highly regulated markets to benefit from decentralization still being compliant with local authorities/laws.

This helps application developers to obtain the best possible immutability and trust from the unauthorized public network while still maintaining the benefits of control and efficiency offered by the approved blockchain.

Advantages of Hybrid Blockchain

There are several advantages of Hybrid Blockchain Technology. Hybrid blockchain retains a private network closed down.

Closed Ecosystem

Big organizations don't have to worry
about getting their data spilled when
leveraging blockchain for their business.

Immune to 51% Attacks

Best part of using Hybrid Blockchain is being insusceptible to more than 51% attacks as the access is cut for outsiders.

Interchange rules whenever

Advantage of using hybrid blockchain is its nature to change/adapt to the permission/permissionless blockchain traits.

Private still connected

Many companies may want to keep the privacy but also need to set up blockchain so that they can pass on with all their stakeholders including the general public.

Low transaction cost

Transactions are usually cheap as it requires few nodes to verify them. The most powerful nodes in the network make it easy to verify the transaction which may take thousands of nodes in the public blockchain network.

Hybrid Blockchain Use

There are several implementations where Hybrid Blockchain Technology has been a perfect match.

Private & Permissioned blockchains need permission to join the network and may restrict the accessibility of blockchain data through encryption.

Private blockchains work differently and provide greater discretion over who can enter and what is available to others, making them much more enticing for companies to do business with each other.

Blockchain has transformed the world in a better way. It has made it more secure and ensured that almost every industry gets benefited from it. It has been adopted by nations, banks, NGOs, and others solving problems in a better way by adopting a decentralized system architecture.

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