Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

We started our blockchain journey from exchange development in 2014 and by now we have developed 50+ blockchain projects including 20+ cryptocurrency exchanges and DExes. We know the pitfalls that can occur in exchange development and how to avoid them. Our expertise allows for providing highly optimized and secure solutions.

Securities which we have implemented in crypto exchanges:

  • File systems encryption
  • SSL
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Intelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking
  • Real-time encrypted data backup
  • Cold/hot wallets
  • User session passwords stored using unique salted hashing
  • Two Factor authentication/PIN authentication, authorizing user sign in and all user transactions, ensuring security from the user device side

From White-label solution of crypto exchanges to solution to develop it from scratch. A crypto exchange for professional developers with web and mobile applications.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange

24/7 responsive support

Mobile and Website Version


Global Liquidity Access


Dedicated wallets nodes

Highly scalable platform

API layer for integration with 3rd party services

Modular Architecture

Customizable platform for specific features

Decentralized ledger for added security

Two Factor Authentication and Alerts

For additional security, using Blockchain, which will store the entire transaction history of users. In Blockchain, we can record any deposits, withdrawals in both fiat and cryptocurrency, the history of users' trading operations, and other necessary information.

Mobile Application for working with an exchange is an essential component of success. It allows users to quickly respond to market changes. The mobile application is another type of user interface and should have functionality similar to FrontEnd, with the exception of the registration, identification, and verification of users.

Also, an additional option to create your own token for your exchange. It can later be used for paying the trading fee with a discount and for accessing the premium functionality of the system.

Quality assurance

Unit Test

Smoke Test

Penetration Test

Load Testing

External bug bounty programmed