A consortium blockchain is a combination of public and private blockchain assets. The separation between the private and public essence of the blockchain community takes place on the basis of a consensus mechanism.

Instead of an open system in which anyone can validate blocks or a closed one in which only one party appoints block suppliers, the consortium chain has a group of equally powerful parties serving as validators.

So, it kind of seems like a centralized entity. Nevertheless, as in the consortium blockchain example, several entities can actually make decisions on the network. Depending on whether the blockchain network is predominantly public or private.

Features of Consortium Blockchain

Faster Speed

First of all, the consortium blockchain providers will always try to deliver the highest performance compared to the public blockchains.


A consortium blockchain will always check the number of nodes for validation purposes. So you're not going to see any kind of scalability issues in a blockchain consortium.

Low Transaction Costs

Another great benefit of the blockchain network is low transaction costs. Consortium network providers will always deliver services in a way that offers you low transactions.

Low Energy Consumption

Usually, the blockchain consortium uses low-energy consensus protocols to validate all transactions or records, and we also seek to build solutions to meet your needs.


Both the private and the cooperative blockchain are for business businesses. It is therefore important for there to be regulations in place to keep the business going at a steady pace.

Consensus Mechanism

Consortium blockchains do not use any power-hungry algorithms that use multi-part consensus algorithms or some kind of voting scheme to reach an agreement.

A consortium blockchain would be most useful in the sense of multiple organizations working in the same sector and would allow a common ground on which to carry out transactions or relay information.

Blockchain consortiums are concerned with resource efficiency in terms of finance, assets, and expertise. It is about creating guidelines for entering the future with universal common rules and behaviors–to make it possible to communicate within and outside industries in the form of cross-industry solutions.

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